In today's post we're going to take a brief look at ways you can bring add a touch of sparkle to your bedroom. As many people spend a vast majority of their leisure time in their bedroom adding sparkle is a good way of inexpensively bringing it up to date and giving it a trendy new look using white and silvery metallics or gold and bronze colour combinations. Floors: Carpets with a thick pile are ideal for cold bedrooms, as well as complimenting this design idea perfectly. Use cheap rugs in white on either side of the bed if you have wood, tiled or laminate flooring to get the look for a fraction of the price of fitted carpets. Walls: Plain white walls are the ideal choice if you're going for a silvery look. If you prefer the opulence of gold metallic wallpapers with bronzes and gold would make an eye-catching feature wall. As we discussed in our previous posts try and use satin rather than matt pain finishes or wallpapers which have a reflective surface to enable light to be bounced around the room in a chic and stylish way. Windows: keep window dressings light in colour and practical. It's up to you whether you use patterned or plain bedroom curtains. Again look for those with a natural sheen to add a sparkly look which is subtle rather than gaudy. Metal curtain poles in antiqued gold or bronze coloured finishes are ideal accompaniments; alternatively brushed or polished chrome if you're opting for the white and silver colour scheme, simple curtain rails in white can also be used successfully and are less invasive. Lighting: Use a large silver or gold coloured sphere for your central lighting accompanied by matching bedside table lamps. If you want to go really giltzy add a dance-floor disco rotating sphere! Alternatively modern chandeliers also work well by adding a glamorous look and sparkle to the room. Accessories: White bedding and bed throws teamed with metallic bed cushions offers a very simple yet stylish finish to the room. Use reflective surfaces such as mirrored table tops for dressing table tops. Vanity mirrors are a necessity and can be used to help make rooms appear larger. Dressing table display objects should also have sparkly or shiny finishes to help bring the room together in a cohesive and balanced way.

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