In today's post we're going to look at adding a touch of sparkle to your bathroom in two ways! One with the décor and soft furnishings you choose and the other being along the lines of keeping your bathroom sparkling clean! Floors: Tiles are the most favoured types of flooring and as we've discussed before fitted carpets in bathrooms are not the most hygienic of floor coverings to use! Easy to clean and far more hygienic are tiles or the latest water resistant wooden laminate flooring. If you feel the need to use a bath mat than opt for the types which have anti-slip backing. Walls: Plain painted walls, floor to ceiling tiles or a combination of the two are the most common methods to use for bathrooms. If you use wood panelling ensure you use the types which are resistant to hot, humid and damp atmospheres. Wallpapers are also being introduced into bathrooms, but again make sure that they are styles which have been specifically designed for bathrooms otherwise you may find that it peels away from the wall or produces damp patches. Windows: Light and airy combined with privacy Venetian window blinds are the ideal choice. White Venetian blinds coordinate with modern and traditional baths and basins to give a crisp, clean look. If you have wooden flooring wooden blinds are an ideal choice, with the natural beauty of the wood bring a warm look to the room. Combinations of blinds and curtains are on-trend, especially in large bathrooms. You can make your own Roman blinds easy by choosing curtain fabrics online to use with Roman blind kits. If you have a chair in your bathroom or you'd like to include one, use the same curtain fabrics to make padded seat cushions to bring a sense of organisation and chic styling to your bathroom. Lighting: Safety has to be a priority, therefore unlike our neighbours across the Channel we are unable to have electrical plug sockets in our bathrooms, so table and floor lamps can't or shouldn't be used to create soft lighting for when you're relaxing in the bath. Candles, plain or scented are a good alternative but must also be used with care. Spot lights placed in the ceiling offer plenty of light as well as a modern alternative to a central light fitting. Accessories: Include accessories which compliment the style of your bathroom. Use wicker storage baskets or pretty china bowls to store everyday bathroom essentials so that your bathroom looks clutter free. Keep mirrors and surfaces spotlessly clean to add a real sparkle!

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