Modern Gothic is a stunning interior design style that is rich with associated history that has been bought into the 21st century in real style. Although black is the most favoured colour today's Gothic inspired interiors are full of texture, deep colours and drama. The style isn't for the faint-hearted; it's bold, daring and oozes chic styling. The epitome of Gothic, large rooms are given a minimal amount of furniture and furnishings and yet are packed full of understated style. High ceilings are perfect for modern styled chandeliers, while high gloss black and polished metal furniture act as the ideal reflective surface to move light around the room.

Image: hotnick

Inspired by the decorative arches of Gothic churches, stunning headboards make the bed a real focal point in the room. When the focal point is this good you don't want to detract the eye by adding too many other soft furnishings and accessories. A black, cream and white is the ideal colour scheme. You can even use this fabulous interior design style in your bathroom, more especially if you have an old-styled free standing bath. Bathe in style by adding flamboyant lighting and accessories which would generally be considered too OTT. A monochromatic black and white colour pallet is perfect for Gothic living rooms. By using a disproportionate amounts of white over black the room won't look too dark and dingy. Add extravagant touches such as a large ornate mirror and full length curtains to give the illusion of more height and light to the room. A single ruby red rose makes a silent dramatic statement. Go dark and sensuous in the bedroom with a prominence of black. A high statement headboard in white sits beautifully against the black patterned wallpaper. Once again be extravagant with lighting using a black chandelier for central lighting and contrasting white bedside lamps.

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If you love Gothic and don't want black use other deep colours such as navy, chocolate brown or deep beige. By adding a variety of tactile fabrics such as velvet, satin and silk you can still get the look without making a room too gloomy.