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A-z of soft furnishings: a- c

Have you ever wondered what the term 'soft furnishings' actually means? This week we're going to take an alphabetical look at soft furnishings to aid you with your interior design decisions and let you know just how soft furnishings are an integral part of your home.

A = Accessories & Aluminium blinds: We begin with accessories as every home, irrespective of size and style will have accessories – these are the little bits and pieces we add to our homes to make them individual and unique to us. For example, accessories include photographs, knick-knacks and items we put on display for ourselves and others to see and admire. Aluminium blinds, these are Venetian blinds made from lightweight aluminium, also referred to as metal blinds.

Aluminium blinds can be used as a sole window dressing or used in combination with curtains. These durable window blinds are made-up of a series of slats which are corded together so that they can be raised or lowered easily. The slats can also be angled to let light in or keep light light out of the room. Aluminium blinds are also used extensively in corporate businesses and office due to their ability to provide absolute privacy and easy operating systems.

B = Bedding & Blinds: Bedding, what would we do without it! We all have at least one bed in our homes and the term 'bedding' encompasses all aspects need to dress a bed; this includes mattress protectors, bed sheets, duvet sets, blankets, quilts and pillow cases. Blinds have been used for centuries to cover windows to provide privacy and also help keep heat out of homes.

There's a wide range of window blinds to choose from each with it's own distinctive look and qualities. Roman, roller, Venetian and vertical blinds are the most popular choices for home use.

C = Curtains & Cushions: Curtains are used as a window dressing in the vast majority of all homes. Whether you choose ready-made curtains, voile panels or made-to-measure curtains, there's a colour, size, style and design to suit every type of home. They can be used on their own to dress windows or in conjunction with blinds.

Cushions, perhaps the most associated item people regard as a soft furnishing. Use for comfort and appearance, we use cushions on our sofas, chairs and beds; cushions are also considered one of the all important finishing touches needed to bring a chic and stylish look to our homes.

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