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A - z of interior design part 6: u-w

In our penultimate post in this mini series we're going to look at U, V & W. The popularity of interior design has grown and more and more people are gaining an interest. All of the TV shows which have grown in numbers and audience are reflective of this. Below, continuing with the A-Z of this design are some more things to consider and think of when deciding on your interior design.

  • U for Utilisation of space.
  • V for Venetian blinds & Voile curtains.
  • W for Window treatments.


Utilisation of space is imperative and a fundamental part of successful interior design. Many of today's homes are quite small and therefore they bring you interior design ideas to help you make the most of your home, whatever the style or size.

Ventian blinds & Voile curtains

Used together cheap Venetian blinds and trendy voile curtains ready made are the easiest forms of stylish window dressings to use in modern and contemporary homes. The Venetian blinds will provide you with fabulous light control and of course much needed privacy, while voile curtains take the informal look away to offer a softer and more delicate window dressing which is ideal for lounges and bedrooms.

Window treatments

Where would we be without some form of window treatments! Whether you have ready made curtains or blinds or both they should be an integeral part of your interior design and not left as an after thought! With the wonderful array of beautiful curtain fabrics available online from fabric wholesalers UK there is no excuse for not having beautifully dressed windows throughout your home!

Here at Terrysfabrics our curtain fabrics and ready made curtains are the mainstay of our sucess, as such we continually update our ranges so that you have the very latest interior design trends bought straight to you door. Interior design is all about creating feeling in our home. It is something we all practice, whether we know it or not.

Some people will say they give no thought to it, hence their homes reflect that and thus a design is created. But many people quite enjoy the art of this design – it is something we can all do, it allows us a wide variety of different materials to play with and it even allows us freedom to change. This is perfect since we as people grow, change, likes and dislikes change, and certain trends come and go and catch our eye.

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