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A-z of interior design part 4: m - p

Today it's the turn of M- P and we've some more wonderful items which we use everyday. M for made to measure curtains and blinds. N for O for Opulence. P for Pillow slips to match our bedding. Made to measure curtains and blinds: Made to measure curtains and blinds are, as the name states, measured and cut to fit an exact place, window, glassed door, etc. What these allow is a customisation, an exactness which translates to the design in not just appeal, but also quality. Made to measure blinds and curtains look 'right', because they are, meant to be exactly where they are!

New Ideas: New interior design ideas spring up each and every day as professional and amateur designers show off their design concepts all over the world on the internet via interior design websites and blogs. Opulence: An interior design style which can be used to define old age grandeur or the latest contemporary designs which are a cut above a standard home interior! Pillow Slips: Pillow slips might not be one of the first things which come to our mind when we think of interior design and our home, but like all different decorative elements, they do contribute to the design.

They come in a wide variety of colours and sizes and patterns. Pillow slips can compliment or match the duvet cover sets. They can even allow us to create a little flair or funkiness when we are otherwise looking for something more simple and conservative. For instance, contemporary design is mostly about simplicity in design and function and it is usually its function and placement where its appreciation and beauty is drawn from.

As a result, throwing in some more crazy or colourful elements work . So, as an example, if you have a contemporary or modern feel to the bedroom, with simple design, decoration and ornaments, – such as a monotone bed colour, wall colour and furniture colour – you can place brightly coloured, extravagantly patterned pillow slips on otherwise plain sheets and add something new. Likewise, if your bedroom is more traditional, you can get pillow cases with more traditional patterns.

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