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A-z of interior design part 3: I – l

Interior design is something intrigues and interests many of us an, for even those who might not be conscience of it, it is something we use everyday and practice. To even those who say they have no interest in it as an art and give no thought to it, subconsciously they are practising it in any home environment everyday! I for Interior design of course!

  • J for Jacquard a beautiful fabric which is ideal for soft furnishings.
  • K for Kitchens of all styles.
  • L for lighting – no home would be complete without it! Interior design.

Interior design is all about creating a feeling. As with any art, creating a feeling is the first reason for its creation. Even the artist who states that their arts has meaning, is about bringing change, well, the only way that change will come is if it creates feeling – passion, anger, outrage, hope, joy – within the person viewing it. Interior design ideas and decoration are different things, but the fact that they are different and their differences don't need to be dwelt upon.

What makes them different is that the first is about creating a feeling and the other – interior decoration – is part of contributing to that feeling. One is, as the name states, design, and the other is about fleshing it out. Adding the characteristic and elements – furnishings, decorative pieces, etc. – which realise the vision. What is cool about this design is that we all practice it, it all means something to all of us and it allows us a lot of freedom to create a feeling in our homes and to reflect who we are, what we think, what we want others to feel and think and consider when they visit us.


This is another term – or perhaps the term, depending how you want to define it – to simply describe fabrics which are interwoven with design, patterns, pictures, etc. These are reversible – which means when you turn them around, reverse them, the pattern will be seen, but in flip. As an example, a rug interwoven could be called a jacquard rug. Asian or Indian rugs might be the first thing we thing of, with pictures of animals, creatures and design – when turned it is the same image only now flipped. The name comes from the Jacquard loom machine which used a series of punch cards – cards with holes – which correspond to a pattern and which the threads run through.


We've shown you many interior design ideas for kitchens of all shapes and sizes, styles and designs (and of course we'll be re-visiting them again very soon!), and how to dress your kitchen widows with curtains and kitchen blinds.

Table lamps

Cheap table lamps might seem like small pieces of furnishings, but all homes have them and they come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colours, etc. They will most often be purchased to reflect the overall design of the home. Traditional homes will most often have more traditional styles, using materials such as metals and more ornamental shades and dressings and patterns and shapes. As an example, in more modern or contemporary design, these will be more minimal and be more about their function and placement. A simple monotone lamp with simple but interesting design will be used and it will be placed at its exact spot within the room.

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