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A-z of interior design: part 1 a-d

In this mini-series we're going to take a look at the A-Z of interior design which we hope will be informative as well as fun to read! To start we have A – D: A for Aesthetically pleasing to the eye a fundamental principle of interior design. B for Bedding and our great ranges of bedding! C for Curtains of course! D for Damask a fabric which has stood the test of time in interior design. Interior design is something we all think about and practice even we are not conscience of it, or think that we don't place very much importance on it.

But the fact is that we all find certain living conditions and decoration or furnishings in our homes to be aesthetically pleasing. We find them comfortable, beautiful, attractive and we find them to be extensions of ourselves. Reflective of who we are and what we think. Bedding: Bedding is sometimes a form of design which we might not often think of right away. Most often we will think, in the bedroom, of furnishings, colour of the walls, decorative elements. But this can certainly be more than what we sleep on – our pillows, sheets, and covers and blankets can be much more than the things we sleep on, and they can go beyond being only of a higher quality to promote comfort, feel and durability.

The colours of bedding are very reflective of the overall design and feel we want. For instance, if one is seeking a very contemporary design, where there is minimal furnishings and colours tend to also be minimal and most often monotone (one colour), then the colour of the bed cover, sheets and more can reflect this. If your bed is black and some furniture is as well and you are looking for a more monotone feel, then simple black and white bedding can help accomplish this. Curtains: Curtains have a very functional quality of blocking out the light, but they obviously serve a very strong purpose in interior design.

They might also be one of the items most concentrated on. The material of these can contribute largely to the design of a room – a material such as silk or velour is going to deliver a radically different feel and image as opposed to polyesters of synthetic materials. The size of the curtains also contributes, long ones often creating a very lavish appearance, for example. Colours will of course determine the look and feel as well, bright ready made curtains bringing light and zest, while darker ones being more neutral and sombre. Damask: Damask is a piece of fabric made of any material – silk, wool, cotton, synthetic – which has patterns and is reversible.

That is, when you turn the fabric, you will see both sides reveal the patterns or shapes or figures of the fabric, but flipped the opposite way. These are woven fabrics, which is why you will very often see this on higher end materials, such as silk or wool. What makes a damask so attractive is that it is usually are of a higher quality material, the workmanship which goes into them is often hand-crafted, and they simply provide very visually appealing qualities. Look for damask curtain material online to see the plethora of colours and designs available.

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