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A-z of interior design ideas part 2: e-h

As we move through the A-Z of interior design we next come to the exciting E-H! E for Eyelet curtains – one of the biggest window dressing trends. F for Fabrics – a fundamental part of interior design. G for Gingham – a timeless classic. H for Hold backs – a must for all styles of curtains!

Eyelet Curtains: Eyelet curtains ready made are something we have all seen by might not have known what they were called – these curtains have metal rimmed holes at the top of the curtain and this is how they hang.

The holes will typically be round, but do not have to be. The advantage of this type of curtain is its simplicity in hanging and usage. The sliding, or ability to draw the curtains across or away from the window, is accomplished simply pulling them along the curtain pole which will be placed through the holes. Eyelet curtains work best for smaller windows, or windows which are not every wide unless you add additional curtain pole brackets to support the weight of the curtains. Eyelet curtains come in a variety of materials and colours and lengths, which makes them also so accessible. You can achieve any look with them – a simple monotone curtain might aid a contemporary look, while eyelet curtains with wild bright patterns will deliver something more contemporary.

Fabrics: Fabrics play a very important role in interior design. The more grand and elegant and maybe lush materials such as velour, silks, and wools might give that more classic or traditional flavour. Curtain fabrics online will certainly be appreciated for what they are, being high quality and also very durable and often expensive.

These choices can also reflect not only appeal or feelings and atmosphere the home owner is trying to create but can reflect other desires and thoughts – natural materials such as hemp can be reflective of the use of alternative and environmentally friendly thought.

Gingham: A timeless classic which still wins the heart of many homes, especially for those with a country cottage interior design style.

Hold backs: Curtain hold backs are exactly what they sound like – the things which curtains are held back with. We will probably most often think of fabric hold backs which tie around the curtains and are held either by being tied or clipped or fastened in some other fashion. Most often these fabric hold backs will be the same colour as the curtains. Curtain tie backs UK can also be clips and other more solid materials, metals or plastics, also serving the same function. These metal or plastic curtain hold backs might help accomplish a very different look from their fabric counterparts – delivering a more solid and stoic look if not even a more elegant look, in traditional or contemporary appeal.

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