For a supposed non colour and blank canvas, white when used as the predominant colour in an interior scheme, has the ability to split opinions like nothing else. White is sterile, pure, bright, drab, warm, cold, focused and vague- all things to all men. Whatever you think of white, you certainly can’t ignore it.

Another amazing thing about white is that it can be used in so many ways- it may sound like the biggest contradiction in terms you’ve heard all year but there are many types of white. White has many faces and the one you are presented with depends entirely on the way you use it. I can feel your suspicion levels rising so lets take a look at what I mean.

Modern White

When it comes to decorating ultra modern, urban lofts and condos, nothing defines the space like a crisp white. Just under the surface of modern whites you are likely to find a blue undertone. This range of white works beautifully paired with charcoal, gun metal silver, icy blue, and black. It is also simply the very best choice to highlight pastel colours within a room or to bring out the retro shades of orange, olive and mustard.

Romantic White

Envision flea market finds in shades of chalky grey or a Swedish palazzo with northern light streaming in the windows. The romantic whites are grey-based and they bring a dreamy, ethereal presence to walls. This range of white works in both traditional and contemporary interiors. Grey white marries well with any grey-toned colour including Wedgwood blue, sage green, and dusty rose.

Antique White

Nothing enhances the look and feel of fine antiques and old wood floors like a mellow, yellow white. This range of white is reliable; providing sunny warmth to northern interiors. Think of build old doors in a period style home. They were painted gloss white many years ago but have now took on something of a yellowing patina and, a little tatty around the edges, look all the better for it.

Blush White

With just a mere suggestion of rose beneath the surface, these whites are lusty and youthful - and sure to flatter nearly all skin tones. Though this range has femininity below the surface, paired with strong neutrals like chocolate brown, charcoal grey, and black; they make a handsome statement. Try it in the bedroom or bathroom to see it at its very best. And you thought I had finally gone mad! White is a vital colour in the palette of any home and, far from dull, can be used to say so many things. If its serene perfection makes you feel a little too nervous to use it as the central colour in a room, instead introduce it around the fringes. Windows for example, benefit hugely from the white treatment as it it allows them to remain bright and airy. Try white venation blinds for a modern white touch or a dulled grey-white set of bedroom curtains for a romantic white.

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