Everybody wants something in their home to make others go ‘wow’. Something different to give real visual excitement to your room and with the current trends around there is many ways that this can be achieved.

Colour is probably the first thing that many people notice in a room. With trend currently being in favour of bright happy colours and strong bold patterns on walls, floors, furniture ...anywhere it’s a great opportunity to just let go and go a little crazy with your choice of wall coverings or materials. Just one wall covered in an attention demanding paint or paper will jazz up a room, as will a blown up photo or picture covering the entire wall surface.

For those who are still fans of a more minimalist look, but want a suitable visual impact there is always the introduction of shimmery fabrics. Gold, silver and bronze all work very well with the clean neutral lines but just add that bit of bling without being OTT. There are silver leather sofas, that will match the chrome, and a selection of wall papers and fabrics from Nono called Chrome that will glamorise any space.

Lighting is also key in creating an impact in your room. The lighting available now is mind blowing, the effects, colours and styles that can be achieved surpass anything you imagine. A personal favourite is oversized Table Lamps. They have the same style and construction of the traditional desk lamp but are roughly 6 times bigger in scale. And rather than sitting on your desk they stand on the ground looming over a reading chair or dining table, offering all the light you need, but throwing you into a slight Alice in Wonderland world where not everything is quite as it should be. They are a playful yet stylish inclusion to a room and will be the talking point of anyone who sees it.

Lighting effects are also attention grabbers. Things like the ‘Light Cube’ by Ricardo Garza Marcos, for example, offer up a whole new way we think about wall art and decoration. Here the light boxes attached to the wall throw out an intricate geometric pattern of light that can be changed by arranging the cubes in a different formation on the wall. It’s not only acting as the light but also as a pattern and piece of art, a definite ‘wow’ factor. There are so many of these lighting options available and now that LED use in the home is becoming more popular there’s a greater range of colour changing mood enhancing devises out there, real excitement for anyone’s eyes.

Having an eclectic theme would also be very visually exciting, mixing periods and styles as well as colours and materials really gives people things to look at and appreciate, and they won’t know what to look at first and won’t notice everything on a first visit. It keeps the room interesting and fun and will continue to be a popular look.