Anyone who has travelled through Morocco can agree that it is a spiritual and sensual place; for many it will be this atmosphere that we dream of capturing in our homes when introducing Moroccan décor – having a reminder of past travels and holidays to more exotic lands! In a modern lounge you can bring in Moroccan elements of design without making any major changes – this will benefit those who are intrigued by the style but not ready for a full lounge makeover. Let us continue with the idea of a modern lounge given some Moroccan flair. Although you can make this work with any modern flooring option, we do recommend that you paint walls a lighter neutral such as ecru or a sand. The great news is that another mini-trend we can expect in the coming months is the colour camel (it has just been all over the catwalk) and our camel hue works great with Moroccan style décor; if you need a new suite or you want to update what you have with throws and slip-covers - camel is an excellent choice! The best way to get this look on a budget is through textiles; look for curtain fabrics online and cushions in impulsive purples, violets, radiant lilacs, hot pinks, orange and golden yellows – even mixing some of these energetic colours together. Another tip is how to arrange cushions; it is a small detail but you see a lot of diamond shapes in Moroccan décor and if you place your cushions to sit on the point as opposed to the long edge, well – you have your diamonds! Plants are at home in the Moroccan themed living room – don't put too many limitations as any vibrant and leafy plant will look the part. Other finishing touches can include hanging candle lanterns, mosaic dishes/bowels for the coffee table and copper-ware. Now you could always take on this style more extravagantly if you wish and it is worth mentioning that Moroccan elements tie in well with an eclectic or global décor. In this second living room idea we use some mid-century modern furnishings with our Moroccan, plenty of colour and good imagination! Blue is a fundamental colour that you can proudly use in a Moroccan interior – we take a deep Mediterranean blue for one wall and the other three in pure white. For furniture we lean towards the shape and wood tones of mid-century modern but for upholstered pieces it is all about Moroccan inspired colour – the use of corals and amber will look stunning against the blue wall and really breathe life into the space. Textiles can include beading and embroidery; they tend to be sensuous to the touch with silks and velvets a popular choice in living areas. If using luxurious fabrics by the window, do consider using good quality Swish curtain tracks so that they hang beautifully. All the vibrant colour within this living room will appreciate white accessories – choose an eclectic mix of mid-century modern pieces and Moroccan pieces for a stylish finish and to complete the look add gorgeous blue rugs to compliment your blue wall!

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