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A teddy bears not just for christmas

Celebrate Teddy Bear Day by showing your love for your best friend - after all a teddy bears not just for Christmas he's for life! Teddy bears have become a world wide iconic symbol that everyone adores. It's probably true that we've all had at least one in our lives and many of us rue the day we threw it away, or worse still your mum threw it away without even asking you!

Research now shows that a teddy bear isn't just for babies and children either, they have an almost magical quality that can be as therapeutic as petting a cat or dog; but at least with a teddy bear you can can up close and personal without the bad breath (or worse!) of a dog and your bear won't scratch you like a cat! dark brown and white double bedroom with two large stuffed polar bear toys in the room

Busy Door

Use your bear as an integral part of your home décor and he'll always be close-by. Wooden layered bear head ornament

Ali Express

You can always have a wooden bear head as wall art to remind you of your dear departed friend. Beige and cream nursery bedroom with beige smiling bear decal outline on the wall

Mobile News Blog

Give a nursery a teddy bear theme that gender friendly and very stylish. White and dark blue kids bedroom, with teddy bears on the bed and on the walls

Home My Design

Use just the heads of teddy bears to create a wall display - I find this almost creepy! Striped living room walls with horizontal turquoise, duck egg, beige and brown stripes, with teddies and animal stuffed toys in the room


Sit your next to your old friend on the sofa and spend some quality time together. A teddy bear lamp, with lamp shade over its head


If your bear has been in the wars and lost his head you don't have to throw him away – turn him into a trendy table lamp. A wooden black double swing chair on a front porch, with teddy cushions

Home Design

Your old friend may have gone but you can still be reminded of him with a stylish cushion. Cream and beige bear face rug, in a nursery room


Teddy Bears are renowned for providing comfort so why not give your feet some comfort too. Sof teddy bear toy, holding a mobile phone

Teche Blog

The teddy bear is as welcome today as it was in your youth – this fabulous bear has built-in speakers and will cuddle your phone and keep it safe. Two teddy bears uses as tiebacks for a pair of curtains


Give your curtains a cuddle with these adorable hold-backs. Teddy bear shaped and themed car wheel alloy

Mighty Lists

You don't have to be shy – proudly show your love of teddy bears while travelling! A colourful spherical light fixture, made from thousands of gummy bear sweets

2Shopper Blog

If you like bears, especially Gummy Bears, you'll have to have an awesome chandelier like this. A woven shoulder bag containing a green corked bottle, baguette and teddy bear


Don't forget to take your teddy bear on a picnic!

Give your old friend a cuddle and you'll soon relax and drift off to sleep.

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