Without fabric the world of interior design would be a much harder environment to work in- literally! Paint, wallpaper and flooring are all full of visual impact and can make quiet a difference in any room, but do any of these mediums have the versatility of fabric? Used to cover, create and soften, fabric fills our homes with luxury in the shape of curtains, throws, rugs, nets, towels, cushions, slipcovers, table cloths and much, much more. It has the power to transform a box into place to live and what’s does it without ever affecting the permanent make-up of your home- with fabric you can literally transform a space from one day to the next.

Think of the bedspread for example- an inconsequential necessity right? Wrong! The bed is the dominating feature of every bedroom and its covering is effectively its personality, swapping one bedspread for another can alter the entire feel and character of a room. Whether you are looking for a restful place to rest your head or setting for some romance, your bedspread can be whatever you want it to be. It’s the same with your couch cover.

Undoubtedly the couch is king when it comes to home furnishings, it is the first consideration anybody makes when either moving into an unfurnished home or embarking on new DIY project. The style of settee you choose will influence your entire living area. It can instantly take your room to any period setting you wish to travel to. How does it do this- with nothing more than the fabric that in which it is covered.

Just think about how each type of fabric makes you feel- with cotton you think of comfort, you imagine a breezy beach front home full of nature’s decoration like driftwood or pebbles. New leather evokes images of cutting edge design in a city pad, whereas older leather with its beautiful, well earned, patina has a more retro vibe- we see it sat amongst the great designs of the 1960s and 70s.

For many it takes them back further still, to the Edwardian heyday of the classic Chesterfield settee. Whilst your thoughts are in that era, picture some floral patterned fabric- I guarantee that the first image in your head was of some beautiful and stately Victorian style drapes, complete with valance and fixed into a sweeping tieback. Fabric is indeed a powerful tool in the world of design.

Visually stimulating as fabric can be, we mustn’t forget about its other, equally important, quality- its feel. Unlike paint, fabric has a tangibility and visceral quality that gives it the edge over any other surface covering when it comes to tactility and comfort. This all out assault on ours senses of touch and sight is what sets fabric apart from all else when it comes to interior design. Steeped in history but always at the cutting edge of design, textiles are stitched into our very fabric and appeal to us on an instinctive level. Forget about slate, get over glass and give metal a miss- fabric is where it’s at!