Often overlooked as a surface fit for decoration, the stair raiser is actually one of the most frequently viewed areas in your home and therefore should be carefully considered when choosing a new scheme for your home. Stair raisers are a fantastic way to link the downstairs décor to the upstairs. They are also a great place to be a little more adventurous than you might be with the living rooms walls for example as you don’t spend long periods looking at them.

The quickest and most simple way to add some interest to your stair raisers is by painting them. Painting them in a single bright colour will certainly add some life but why not choose a collection of matching or contrasting colours so that each riser is individual and distinct. You could also use masking tape to create a striped effect on each riser or stencils to create wild and wacky patterns. A really simple but quirky option is to number each step from bottom to top, with so many font options available you are sure to find something to suite your existing décor.

Wallpaper can be used to cover your risers. By using the same paper that you have on your hallway walls to paper your risers you will create a really harmonious but distinctive finish. But why stick to plain old wallpaper? Any kind of paper can be wallpapered. Newspaper, pages from books, comics, stamps (for the very patient), brown paper bags or even your own art work or wall art would all have real impact and make a real talking point of usually overlooked area.

Tiles are another great option as they offer huge versatility. A neat and uniform finish can be created if you use the same tiles in the surrounding areas such as the hallway floor or the kitchen splash back. Mosaic tiles can be used to add colour and sparkle whereas slate will create a feeling of tasteful expense.

Wood offers similar options to create unity around the house but has the added advantage of a warmer finish. Wood can also be used to accentuate a particular mood. It can be sharp and cutting edge or it can be worn and old and full of shabby chic charm and character. A quirky touch might be to vary the stain, grain or type of wood you use.

If your stairs have a deep enough overhang at the front as many do, you might want to think about filling the indented riser with things like pebbles cemented in place, bottle tops (in one or many colours) glued into a geometric pattern, rows of patterned beading, coins, corrugated metal sheets or wire fencing for an industrial look or rows of twigs for a rustic finish.

Various materials cut to shape can also add real impact whilst helping to tie in your stair risers with any scheme you might have in mind. PVC fabric, patterned fabric, aluminium, plastic, rubber or carpet would all make for brilliant riser coverings.