How are things looking outside of your window? It is likely to be busy down below in the heaving city - come day or night. You might have to put up with the chaos unfolding out of your city apartment - busy street markets, impatient taxi drivers making use of their car horns, groups of lost tourists with their snap-happy cameras and the odd drunk singing along to Lady Gaga's latest hit.

Where do you find your peace of mind? Do you have to suffer week in week out or do you have some spare time on your hands to make amends? Sometimes the view of the city can be miraculous, but at other times you just want to shut it all out of view. The good news is we have some great advice for making the most of your city apartment - because really it can be a blessing to be so conveniently located in the middle of the city. You can even have it provide you with interior design ideas with an emphasis of all the unique cultures in your area. We will also be taking a look at how you can treat your windows for privacy and light control.   Inspiration From A City Apartment:

  • You have a lot of energy and action going on outside - a melting pot of culture and styles.
  • Every colour is there to see - both warm and cool neutrals from buildings and every shade/tone of colour can be seen from clothing on passers by, busy street markets and shop window displays.
  • Depending on which city you live in will reveal the architecture and period design from the buildings across the street. It could be ultra modern buildings with lots of steel and glass or buildings dating back to the Edwardian or Gothic era - it could even be a mixture of modern and period styles.

Get The Look At Home: With the outside world running around the clock, you might prefer to create a balance in your apartment with a more laid-back style. Bring in elements of nature to contrast with urban life or work the ideals of minimalism or Feng Shui for a soothing and restful space. Alternatively, all that goes on outside might be fascinating to you and you want your home to resemble the diversity of the city's inhabitants.

Bohemian or eclectic styles - maybe even experimenting with some ethnic themes would be right for you. In terms of colour you could go one of two ways - neutrals or a real colour infusion such as hot pink curtains! A great look for city apartments has nothing to do with being contemporary - most important is your comfort and personal taste. If you do have a period apartment then make the most of its features by making them focal points. For window treatments that offer the best light control and privacy, black out curtains or blinds are definitely worth a try. You can choose from a wide range of colours and patterns so you don't have to scrimp on style!