We have been looking at all number of beautiful window views but until now we haven't mentioned the views that in reality - so many of us have to live with (and not always so willingly!) You guessed it - a room with a view in your neighbours garden or even near (too close for comfort) to a window of their home. It could have been overlooking the ocean or the hills and dales - but it isn't and all you can do now is your best to come up with good window treatments that give you privacy. Believe us, once you have worked though the following ideas you won't feel so hard done to after all! In the other parts of 'Room With A View', we looked at how the view from outside your window could inspire your interior design - but if you are overlooking the neighbours there won't be a lot to inspire you. Not unless after peering through their windows, you saw a gorgeous pair of ready made eyelet curtains that you might have to pop over and ask where they got them from!   For the lack of inspiration though we are going to make it up with having an in depth look at a couple of window treatments that you could find beneficial and how each of them can be the start of something fantastic - maybe even the turning point to a new interior decorating style. Option 1 - Voile Curtains: Voile curtains will give your rooms privacy when they are drawn but are lightweight enough to let the sun filter through them. They come in a range of colours although pastels and neutral whites or creams are the most popular. Some tab top voile curtains have a fine detail to them to add interest without being too in your face and you can even find some with a crushed effect which is very contemporary. Voile curtains look good with the following interior styles:
  • Contemporary
  • Shabby-Chic
  • Oriental
Option 3 - Venetian Blinds: Cheap Venetian blinds are flexible in that they can be used in virtually any window. They will stop prying eyes from seeing into your home but have the plus of letting natural light through. They usually come in either metal or wood and therefore tend to bare the natural colours of these materials. Venetian blinds look good with the following interior design styles:
  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Eco-Living

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