When you have worked so hard in the garden you will want to bring some of its beauty indoors and certainly enhance the view of your garden from the windows. Take a look with us at some wonderful ideas of making the most from the fruits of your labour and discover the best way to dress your windows to take advantage of the remarkable view. Chances are that if you love spending time in your garden you will love the looks you can achieve with both cottage and country style décor. Green living and natural elements will be another focus of your decorating adventures. So what can you do to successfully merge some of the outdoors to within? It is really easy when you know how! Inspiration From The Fruits Of Your Labour:
  • We especially love working in the garden during the bright and cheery summer months when lots of colour starts to pop up in the garden. The garden is fresh and alive.
  • The emphasis of colour may be on green and lots of fresh whites or creams, but with all those flowers in blossom you will want to experiment with accent pinks, lavenders, yellows, tomato reds - all of the colours that remind us of summer.
  • Furniture and materials that we see a lot in garden spaces include teak, wicker, natural woods and wrought iron.
  • Natural fabrics such as cotton and silk curtain fabric are light and fresh. Think about crisp white bed linen drying out on the line. Botanical prints will certainly set the scene and can be used in fabrics to wall art or wallpaper.
Get The Look At Home: Natural shapes, rounded edges and soft furnishings will be easier on the eye than the strong lines of contemporary design. Make sure your home is fresh, tidy and use light colours on the wall - white is perfect. If you keep the larger items within the home such as walls, floors and kitchen/bathroom fittings neutral then you can always bring in accent and pattern in fabrics. Pastels are relaxing where a splash of intense colour here or there will keep things up to date and alive. Use a shot of zesty lemon in the kitchen or a fuchsia pink in the bedroom. Light to medium woods have that instinctively country feel to them. We know that you work hard to make your garden look its best so you will be relieved to have an easy window treatment that looks elegant and stylish. Pencil pleat curtains are a classic addition to any home and they hang perfectly every time. There are some beautiful floral designs for this range of ready made eyelet curtains that will emphasise the flowers of your garden view. A matching pelmet will give a softer and more of a cottage feel to your window treatment.

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