A Room With A View

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

If you are decorating a room with a lovely garden view, it makes sense to consider this when planning the layout of the space. A well conceived layout which blurs the lines between the outside and the inside space will not only result in a bright but calm finish, it will also have the effect of “stealing” space from the garden- making your room appear much larger.

Before you fill the space with furniture it is always best to complete the walls, flooring and fitted fixtures like lights, switches, radiators and wall mounted televisions. Plus, f you work from the ceiling down you can avoid unnecessary spills onto your new carpet or hard flooring.

Wall coverings that best involve you outdoor space are wallpapers with a natural element or pattern. Floral designs in muted tones are perfect as scenes of nature as both will fit easily into most home schemes, providing a subtle, nature inspired backdrop. For younger or more daring homeowners who want to make more of a statement, wood veneered supporting role walls with a feature wall papered with self design wallpaper with an outdoors theme would have your front room looking more like a chic cocktail lounge whilst maintaining the intended theme.

Turning your own photographs or favourite images into made to measure wallpaper, self design wallpaper sites, found all over the internet, are fantastic for giving your home the personal touch. A rainforest or English wood scene would be perfect for an outdoors inspired room looking for a bit of a twist on a classic theme.

For flooring you might want to match your interior covering with that of your patio. A nice slate or stone tiled floor which continues past the patio doors will really help increase the feeling of space by further blurring the lines between both areas. If this is a little to industrial for your tastes or you require a little more softness underfoot, then why not lay beautiful Hessian carpet? Unless you have ever had one you cannot possibly understand how this type of carpeting treats all of the senses.

Yes it is beautiful to the eye, but it also has a wonderful texture and most amazingly, fills any room it is laid in with a wonderful natural aroma that lingers for years after it is fitted. Remember, a cheap large rug could help you enjoy the best of both worlds- when difficult choices have to be made, I say why choose at all?! When choosing a rug, maintain the natural theme by opting for a woollen, leather or animal print design.

When you are ready to fill your room, arrange your seating so it faces the garden. A large L shaped arrangement is the best way to go as it keeps access routes clear in a small room and helps define the seated area in a large open plan space. Whatever you do don’t cut the garden area and living space in half with a settee or dining table.

The last thing you will want to take care of is the detailing. Keep ornamentation down to a minimum and instead decorate with large evergreen plants which won’t require much upkeep. Keep window dressings simple so as not to obstruct your view or block natural light. Anything more than some cheap blinds is too much, remember- the frame doesn’t make the picture.


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