The Roma fabric collection is a heady mix of natural charm and warm yet soothing shades. Cyan blue, cool mustard, burnt red and every shade of cream all feature in this beautiful floral collection. Despite being named after the Italian capital, the English countryside is where I’m placing it today.

It is my feeling that this classic, almost rose-like motif would sit perfectly in the rustic setting of an English country farmhouse- so let us take a look at how this look can be achieved.

One of the best things about the country farmhouse look is that it is relatively inexpensive to create. It is all about maximizing the potential of the things you do have, and there are many opportunities for buying pieces in this style that are low in cost from flea markets and local arts and crafts fairs. Before you start shopping, though, be sure to have a rummage through your own belongings first. You may find you have been hiding away a whole new look for your home in all of those old family hand me downs.

While the details may vary, the one common theme in farmhouse styling is the idea of incorporating the natural elements and environments of the area to create a cosy, relaxed decorating style. As such, there are no hard and fast rules as to what you can and cannot do in country farmhouse style design. Some basic things you can expect to find in country farmhouse design are:

  • Open fireplaces with all the brass trimmings
  • Wooden floors covered with colourful throw rugs
  • Furniture covered in cotton or other natural fabrics (solid colours with homey throw pillows are popular, as is plaid fabric)
  • Antiqued metals
  • Floral patterns
  • Large pieces of chunky wooden furniture – usually a kind of wood that grows in the regional area
  • The kitchen as the hub of the house
  • Aged tiles- think terracotta or stone for the flooring and ceramic for the walls.

While these are some common things associated with country farmhouse décor, they’re not the set rule – basically anything that is non-fussy and cosy goes. If there is one rule to country farmhouse design though, it is accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Knick knacks, pillows, wall art – these are the finishing touches that bring a country farmhouse home together.

Look for things at the local flea market, show off your old family heirlooms if you have any, and by all means, the artwork the kids create should be displayed proudly in the kitchen. Don’t worry about anything matching – in fact, the less matching there is, the more your home will have that charming, lived-in feel you’re trying to create.

Farmers aren’t exactly famous for their style or glamour- their homes are decorating organically as and when things are needed. Therefore, your home décor should evolve over time as you pick up more and more pieces to add to your rooms. In this instance, clutter is a virtue and will only add to the appeal of your country farmhouse style décor.

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