When we think of wall coverings we tend to think of wallpapers, however fabrics have been used to cover walls for centuries and the use of materials such as silk and jute have once again become a fashionable way to add colour, pattern and texture to walls. In the past heavy flocked wallpapers were used not only to bring depth and warmth to a room they were also a great way to disguise irregularities on a wall's surface. We can turn to these old ways to bring fresh new looks into our homes. With patchwork being on-trend the use of fabrics to cover walls, or parts of walls is once again being used by many interior designers to give plain walls a new lease of life. Patchwork squares or rectangles are perfect for giving a new look to living rooms and bedrooms and you can even mix paper with fabrics to add further texture. We have to admit that although many of us like the concept of using patchwork for our soft furnishings and wall décor the art of getting it right needs more than a casual stance. As with all successful interiors you'll have to plan your patchwork arrangement carefully so that it doesn't end up looking like a mishmash of squares thrown together in the hopes that the end result will look gorgeous! Covering walls with patchwork will need as much planning as making a patchwork duvet cover, although you don't have to go to great lengths to devise intricate designs and patterns as squares will look equally as stylish if you pay close attention to the colours and patterns that will sit to each other. In many ways patchwork wall coverings lead themselves to being most suitable for eclectic or Shabby Chic interiors, especially if you use floral and ditzy prints and patterns. Alternatively you can go bold and use dark colours with large motifs to make a real statement in a room, just be careful that the wall doesn't become too overwhelming and make it appear as if the walls are closing in on you. Of course if you use fabrics you can also use the same design for making co-ordinating cushions or to add a co-ordinating trim to neutral or white curtains. However, you decide to decorate you home this year it's worth considering using patchwork on your walls – if you want to 'cheat' simply use wallpapers which have a faux patchwork pattern – but in many ways that may detract from the whole experience of making your own bespoke wall décor!

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