As we continue our look at new and innovative ways to use patchwork for our soft furnishings and décor today we take a look at statement headboards – made, of course, in patchwork. This relatively simple headboard can be made to compliment or co-ordinate with your bedroom's décor and colour scheme. It's a great way to introduce patchwork into your home and a perfect soft furnishing project for beginners or the more adept. The fabrics you chose should be a mix of colours and patterns which compliment each other. The size of the headboard can be as large and grandiose as you wish. The basis of the board can be made using MDF board or if you already have a headboard which is a little out-dated you can use that as the basis. The size of the squares can also be as large or as small as you wish – just so long as you make the headboard proportionate to your bed and the size of your bedroom. It's also a good idea to use luxury fabrics such as silk, satin and velvet. If you have velvet curtains try and find a colour match so that the look flows through your bedroom. Likewise, ready made roman blinds or curtains can also be used to bring cohesion and balance to your bedroom. Allow plenty of padding or wadding (both available from online fabric retailers) to give the squares definition as well as comfort. The trickiest part of making the headboard will be ensuring that each of the squares has the same amount of padding and that each piece of fabric has it's edges tucked neatly underneath to give a professional look. It may take a couple of attempts to get the look right, however, once you've mastered the technique you should find that this soft furnishing project can be completed in a weekend – just be sure to have a staple gun, glue gun, soft furnishing tacks and tools gathered together so that you're not wasting time trying to improvise – improvisation is okay but the completed headboard will look far more stylish when a little time and perseverance is given to make the end result as perfect as it can be. Try making your own patchwork headboard and wait for the wonderful comments from family and friends – this soft furnishing project will be a fresh new look to your bedroom and give you a lot of satisfaction.

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