If you really love patchwork then the sky's the limit when it comes down to what can be given a patchwork treatment or look. From window dressings, to chars and furniture if you're caught by the patchwork bug you can transform your living room into a riot of delightful colours along with a touch of whimsy. Window dressings: To get the patchwork look you don't actually have to have curtains made from patchwork. Use horizontal striped curtains and place either plain white curtains or a floral design either side to create a stunning window dressing packed full of colour and style.

There's plenty of gorgeous plain and patterned curtains online to choose from. On the Floor: Patchwork rugs have been around for decades – these where usually home-made, however, today you can buy rugs with a square patchwork design to lay on either carpet or floorboards. The latter being ideal for creating a modern patchwork look, while the former is perfect for a Shabby Chic styled living room. Furniture: Carry out your own patchwork transformations using fabrics in colours and patterns to compliment your curtains and rugs. The seat part of most wooden chairs lifts our easily and you'll be able to use a staple gun to hold the re-covered seat fabric in place.

You can also 'go all out' and use patchwork designs to paint wooden furniture, especially the legs and arms; to complete the ensemble make generously filled patchwork cushions. Accessories: From lamp shades to wall art patchwork accessories make a colourful and eye-catching display to round off your patchwork themed living room. Footstools are another great way to bring patchwork into your living room and an easier enough soft furnishing project for novices.

When making a patchwork living room don't forget that it's not only colours and patterns you should think about, different textures also play an important role in achieving the look. Use a variety of fabrics and materials, along with knitted pieces and even picture and mirror frames can be given a patchwork effect by painting or sticking on small pieces of material or fabrics. Patchwork is taking the world of interior design by storm, and with the economy still very shaky to say the least giving your living room a patchwork makeover is a great way to get an extremely stylish look and safe money on buying new furniture. So, get you glue and staple gun out and start thinking about all the different ways you can brighten up your living space with patchwork!