Bright primary colours are always a great way to decorate a child's bedroom and while patchwork per say may not be the best choice, blocks of bright colours is ideal and suits both genders extremely well. Duvet covers with large squares can be teamed with bedroom curtains and even a statement headboard (we discussed in yesterday's post how to make a statement headboard) to create a fun, playful room for young children. These bright colours are so adaptable you can choose whichever you like – maybe include more reds or blues – however the on-trend colours of tangerine, lime and deep purple are forecast to remain popular this year, making this bedroom idea one which will last.

As your child grows you can easily adapt the colour scheme and even the style if you so wish to meet their needs and to include the latest fads they crave. By having plain neutral walls the square effect is enhanced sufficiently to show off the theme of the room beautifully. Don't forget that storage should be included in any child's room, large plain coloured boxes are perfect, especially the types with lids; you can easily use plain fabrics in complimentary colours to create matching storage boxes or box liners to store toys and clothes neatly without having to cram them into cupboards or hide them away.

This colour blocking effect is ideal for all sizes of children's bedrooms – even small rooms can look up to-date by using this decorating technique, where the emphasis is placed on the soft furnishings to make stunning focal points and a harmonious flow of style which guides the eye around the room rather than on the actual size of the room. If you prefer to use an actual patchwork duvet cover there are plenty available to suit both boys and girls, although it has to be said that they are generally geared more towards girls than boys due to the patterns and colours.

Another downside is that you may find is difficult to find fabric to make a matching headboard or curtains, however, as with any interior design style and theme you have to use what you think is right for your home and budget – if we all had identical rooms life would seem most peculiar indeed! So choose which suits you best, but above all don't think that patchwork is only for homes with a country cottage, Shaker or Shabby Chic motif.