Used in a bedroom, a vanity set adds elegance and style in bundles. Although they do come with practical demands, they can are open to endless customization to incorporate any personal style or taste. Available in a wide range of natural fabrics, a vanity set really can help to transform a space. A simple wooden vanity set will add real natural charm and warmth to a room whereas as an ornate Italian style set will really help invoke a period look to your bedroom. The vanity set are also becoming an increasingly popular muse to today’s top designers and can therefore be found in a huge variety of sleek shapes and finishes- white lacquer being the choice of most interior designers presently.

In order for your vanity set to be a truly successful addition to your room, first take the following steps:

Measure the space you have available. Having a vanity set should feel like a luxury not a road block. A vanity set that is too big for the space will result in a crowded feel to your room, as well as a few bruised shins and elbows.

Carefully consider the purpose you have in mind for your set- are you looking for a vanity cabinet both you and your partner can make use of, or a cabinet especially for a child's bedroom? Knowing the purpose of your vanity set will ensure that you find the best vanity.

Match the vanity set to your existing décor- unless of course, you are redecorating, in which case you should use the set you have just fallen in love with as inspiration for your new scheme. If your vanity set does need to match your bedroom, never let your heart rule your head whist shopping. Before you leave your home, take a look around your bedroom and make a note of the details especially like such as the curtain fabric, wallpaper or period style of the furniture. Use these notes as guidelines when choosing your new vanity set. Do not think you can “make it work somehow”- you can’t.

If you have chosen wisely your vanity set will become an integral part of your daily routine. It will help you prepare for a busy day and unwind at the end of it. It will make the time before a big night out or meal for two feel all the more special and exciting.

To ensure it is working to its full potential you need to do two things. Firstly, take the time to fill the drawers, shelves and counter space provided in a manner that leaves anything you use more frequently closer to hand. Don’t display your products on the counter, it will only look cluttered. If you must store things at counter level, keep things in a pretty jewellery box. Next, ensure that you counter space and mirror has adequate lighting. Directional spotlights with a moderately bright bulb are great on a functional level and candles or storm lamps are perfect for relaxation.

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