A Little Monkey Business

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
Chinese New Year starts next week. It's the year of the money, so why not give your home a cultural experience with a little monkey business. Monkey themed bathroom with shower curtains and two bathroom rugs

Design Coachs Home

Cute little monkeys in the bathroom are great if you have a kids. Playing monkey wall decals in a blue nursery


The monkey is becoming a popular choice for nursery décor. Cool monkey wall art in green, yellow and red on a light green background


Older kids and even adults can add a little monkey business to their bedrooms! Monkey, giraffe, parrot and trees room decal behind a reading couch

Room Decorating Ideas

If you have a playroom then monkeys are a gender friendly decorating theme. Pretty pink tree and monkey decal on a staircase


The Chinese believe that a Monkey (for the Chinese it must have a capital M) symbolises cleverness; so why not add a mural of one to your stairs and climb the 'ladder to success'? Coloured pop art of a chimpanzee with six different background colours

G01 A Alicdn

Give a wall modern wall art with monkeys doing their version of 'see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil'. Two white ceramic monkeys holding a light bulb

Graham and Green

A subtler way of including a monkey or two in your home is using accessories like these little lights. Woven table held up by a woven monkey


This rare wicker monkey table would look fabulous in modern and contemporary homes.

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