More often than not, the outside space receives much less attention than the inside of homes. And, the smaller they are, the less attention they get. However, small outside spaces are perfect for dressing up as they are cheap, quick and easy to do so. The front porch is a perfect example. The crossover area from the garden to the home, the porch is all too often left to fall into a shabby state of disrepair simply because people either don’t know what to do with it or, they think it is unimportant. Big mistake! A beautifully decorated front porch is like a huge welcome sign. It hints at what lies beyond your front door and is a huge part of the all important first impression visitors take from your home. An unloved, dank and dingy front porch will ensure that the only visitors you receive will be meter readers and post men!

Cover the walls in a warm but light shade that doesn’t crowd the limited space. A light mocha, cream, butterscotch or lemon will do the job best. Or if three of your four walls are glass, make a feature of the one remaining wall by papering over it with some floral print wallpaper in soothing lavender.

As porches are generally fairly small in relation to other rooms around the house, try to maintain some unity to the colour of your furniture. If you already have an eclectic mix of existing furniture which you intend to use in the room, consider spray painting it all one colour. Use a high quality exterior paint and take the time to clean everything thoroughly before painting. You will be amazed at how much more spacious the area will feel through simple colour coordination.

Once you have finished with the all the major changes, finish off the room with a little natural decoration. Big clay flower pots on small spaces like a front porch add designer pizzazz to a usually forgotten space. Choose two 3-4-foot-tall flower pots and plant some sculpted trees in them, then place on either side of your front door.

Keep the room clean and tidy at all times and hide away shoes and bags that would spoil the inviting ambience of the space.