A Curtain Call To Your Senses

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
Lets be honest, there is nothing more comforting than drawing the curtains for a cosy night in when the colder months set in. Our love of curtains transcends mere decoration, they comfort us in an indescribable way, they have always been with us, they represent our history, and in all our happy memories of family at home they are there in the background, protecting us. There are few pleasures equal to the feeling we get when throwing back the curtains on winters morning to be met with the sight of perfect, untouched, pure white snow. It is and enduring and iconic image because we have all experienced at least once, it is something you do not forget. Understandably it is the snowfall that grabs our attention, but the visceral power of the scene is provided by the dramatic reveal as the curtains are pulled aside. It is no coincidence that curtains are so heavily tied to the theatre in our consciences, they do indeed have an air of mystery and add drama and flair to all they adorn. If we are completely honest with ourselves- and we should be- we have all curled a drum roll off our tongues and sang “TA- DAAA!!” as we have pulled back our curtains at some point. However so far we have only satisfied our sight. We have five senses, and a truly successful home should try to satisfy as many as possible- if you are now wondering what would be best to cement your shortbread bricks in your confectionery home, jam or treacle, I congratulate you on maintaining the connection with your inner child but I fear you have gone too far and that home and contents insurance is, for you, a paramount concern. What I mean in reality is that our homes should help us do what we are here to do which is experience as much as possible. Besides simply looking beautiful, they should provide us with a rich tapestry of sounds, textures and smells. This all adds up to a more tangible and evocative and therefore more satisfying home life. The feeling of satisfyingly thick velvet between our fingers and the swooshing noise as the curtains are pulled across their tracks all with the smoothest and most effortless glide, added to the instant invasion of sunbeams which reach all corners of the room as the new day is revealed to us, all add up to a real experience rather than just an action. This is the way all days should begin. It may seem some and trivial, even incidental but if we strive to increase the number of such supposedly small moments in our homes they will add up to something very real indeed. When choosing furnishings for next home project, take the time to weigh up just how many of your senses are excited and satisfied by each item you choose. This level of careful consideration will prove in time to be massively rewarding. You will have a home that interacts with you on so many more levels, one that awakens your senses and heightens your awareness to the world around you. Not so trivial after all.

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