Today is Television Day, so I thought I'd show you televisions through the decades. From their humble beginnings back in the 1920s when John Logie Baird demonstrated the first moving images up to the present day. In many ways the television has been the focal point in the vast majority of living rooms for the past 10 decades. They are still a prized possession with the latest designs costing a lot of money, just as they always have.     1920s

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Few could afford a television set in the 1920s; it was a family affair watching TV and many households shared this new experience with neighbours and friends too.   1930s

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For those lucky, or wealthy, enough television meant that you didn't have to go outside your front door to watch sport.   1940s




Captain America was seen on the big screen and the television; it remains as popular today as it was some 70 years ago.   1950s

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'Watch with Mother' was first shown in the 1950s – a 15 minute lunchtime programme for children.   1960s  



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The Adams Family is another television programme that has stood the test of time.   1970s

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The Six Million Dollar Man kept children and adults alike glued to their seats. Although colour television was invented in the 1940s for the masses it was the 70s which saw more people buying or renting them.   1980s




The A Team became a huge hit in the 80s. Members of the cast still portray the characters in TV ads.   1990s

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There were so many cartoons to choose from in the 90s.   2000s

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In the noughties the X Factor first hit our screens.   2010s

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Today we have so many TV channels to choose from you can dip back over the decades to watch re-runs, enjoy the latest HD programmes, or play games.   Latest

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With a £25,000 price tag, the latest 84 inch all-singing-all-dancing interactive TVs simply won't fit into most people's homes!