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60 minute makeover 7: space for all the family

In this video the team have up-dated a home to 'me' provide rooms for all the family. They began in the dining room which was plain and overpowered by the large dining room table. Now its a fun place for the children combined with a family dining area, make the most of all available space without overcrowding the room. New 35mm Venetian blind in chalk, teamed with curtains to match the 35mm wooden curtain pole, the window dressing allowed plenty of light into the room as well as providing privacy.

The new children's fun chairs had Ripple cushions in damson and Jazz cushions in cream to tie the room together effectively. The next room the team tackled was the main bedroom. This was very plain and unimaginative, lacking personality and purpose. Now it's a glamorous space and a sanctuary, somewhere to escape the stress of family life and relax in comfort.

The team made full use of the beautiful bay window by fitting a storage area/seat, which they piled with Ripple cushions in cream and Vigo chocolate cushions to coordinate with the new colour scheme. Beautiful bay window three tone Savvy olive blinds were used to give an unrestricted outlook to the gorgeous view. The team transformed one more room which was in desperate need of a new, modern look.

Before they began work the room felt cold and uninviting with its plain walls and curtains. Now it has a fresh new look which is a blend of country and contemporary, with seating toned with Ariel cushion in green and Vigo chocolate cushions the country feel oozed chic styling and made this room into a superb family living room.

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