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60 minute makeover 14: practical living space for wheelchair users

The team had the challenge of updating a home while keeping space around furniture free for a wheelchair. They began the makeover in the main bedroom which was functional but needed the designer touch to bring it up to date. With a brown and cream colour scheme the room was transformed into a luxury, yet practical space.

Leonardo chocolate curtain fabric was made into full length curtains and fitted with a remote controlled curtain track for easy control. Teamed with ready made roller blinds in chocolate the windows were smartly dressed. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Georgia bed set and Stanford champagne range gave the room a true designer look. An unused bedroom was given an industrial look and turned into a stylish home gym, complete with all the necessary training equipment.

Metal Venetian blinds in silver added to the authentic gym look. Downstairs in the living room the former colour scheme and furniture arrangement was safe but uninspiring and desperately needed to be bought up to date. Now a stylish monochrome colour scheme and clever use of accessories, full length curtains hung from a Nikola chrome pole, Jazz cushions in cream and Jazz cushions in silver, the room has a trendy modern look. Placement of furniture is a key aspect of interior design, not only for wheelchair users who may need more space, but for every home where easy access is key to achieving a stylish, practical living space.

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