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60 minute makeover 12: creating a rich, warm and cosy atmosphere

This young couple's house was in desperate need of updating. The team turned the unused spare room into a luxury dressing room with walk in wardrobes. Using pale, neutral colours a light, airy and sophisticated look was achieved. The Chablis roller blind in beige, teamed with Midas Latte curtain fabric and coordinating Genoa tie back in earth also ensured that the room remained light, yet private.

The blue masculine bedroom and overbearing fitted wardrobes didn't make good use of the space. Changing the colours to cream, white and golds the room took on a French château look. Clarissa cream curtains were held back with Genoa tieback gold and hung from a stylish Romantica 28mm white stained curtain pole. These were coordinated with 25mm satin Venetian blind snow creating a beautifully styled window which complimented the style of the room. Rosa gold duvet set, along with Clarissa bronze cushions and Clarissa oyster cushions all toned beautifully, making a glorious, breathtaking transformation and far more unisex.

The living room had already begun to be decorated but money and time restraints made it difficult to change into a grand living space with character. The team set about using a Medieval theme as the basis for the change. Using rich, warm colours a cosy and inviting atmosphere was created using Richmond ruby cushions, Richmond olive cushions and Silky gold cushions as the accent colours to tone with the flooring and walls. Having a theme is a good way for giving a room character and a sense of purpose.

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