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6 simple changes for a greener home

In today's economic climate many of us are looking for simple ways to make our homes greener. Making small changes means that you'll hardly notice the difference until your utility bills arrive and then you should have made some saving albeit a few pounds. But that isn't the only reason people want a greener lifestyle, many are very conscious about the importance of lowering their carbon footprint. As such there are 6 simple changes you can make for a greener home:

1. Low flow taps/shower heads

Low flow taps can make a real difference in water consumption, which is really good news if your home has a water meter. Low flow taps and shower heads are now common place and if you have a newly refurbished kitchen or bathroom the chances are you'll already have low flow taps without even realising it.

2. Energy saving bulbs

We're all aware of the vast difference and savings low energy bulbs offer. Use them in table lamps, as well as central lighting in all rooms.

3. Make your own compost

Making your own compost is really easy and a great way of recycling. Even if you don't have a garden your vegetables peelings can be recycled as many local councils offer a compost collection service.

4. Block drafts

Howling gales from ill fitting doors, windows and floorboards need to be blocked if you're serious about going green. Make door draught excluders from curtain fabric – you can even use the fabric as the rest of your soft furnishings for a totally co-ordinated look. Use thermally lined curtains, especially if you live in an older house, the linings will help retain heat inside your rooms; thermal blinds are a great alternative.

5. Turn down the heating

Fingers adjusting a room thermostat

Image: globallivingrealty

Drop your thermostat a degree or two and you won't notice the difference – you'll be lowering your carbon footprint and have a pleasant surprise when your utility bill drops on the mat.

6. Use a washing line (rather than a tumble dryer)

Childrens white clothing and teddy bear hung on a washing line

Image: hartofthemunchkinpatch

There's much debate about the use of tumble dryers and of course there are pros and cons to everything. When the weather's good popping your laundry on the line can save you some money and the clothes will smell beautifully fresh.

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