From a quaint afternoon tea complete with petite four and cucumber sandwiches to really showing off your own pool, there's plenty of luxury home entertaining ideas to suit all lifestyles. I've found just a few that are sure to impress the most discerning of guests. Pool Party:

Room In Home

Pool parties are a 'must' for anyone who has a luxury indoor pool they want to show off. Barbecue:

 Hit Decor

Wow your guests with an awesome barbecue area, complete with flat screen television. Dining Room:

Temo Designs

Every luxury home will have a dining room. Add touches of gold to a large table and chairs to really impress your guests. Home Theatre:  

 Mook-Eng Blog

Treat your guests to a night at the movies in your own luxurious home theatre. Afternoon Tea:


A hint of grandeur with afternoon tea will really impress your friends. Posh Picnic:

 MX-5 Owner's Club

A posh picnic gives you a good excuse to dress up in style!

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