We all need a little bit of love and irrespective of how you want to spend Valentine's Day we've looked at 4 different things you can do at home to help your Valentine's Day be a special as the person you want to share it with. From a romantic living room picnic, a home spa experience to some great Valentine's gift ideas. However you want to spend Valentine's Day this year the important thing is that you sped it with someone you love if you can, if you can't then sending them a gift or a card which has thought and meaning will let them know that they hold a special place in your heart. For our final idea we end this mini-series taking a look at the bedroom and while this isn't the be-all-and-end-all of celebrating Valentine's Day some special time set aside to be together is the perfect end to the day. You don't have to splash out on lavish hotels when you can create a romantic atmosphere in your own bedroom. Beautiful embroidered duvet covers can be used to set the scene, you'll also be able to use them time and time again, so what starts out as a special treat can last for many years. The colour of the embroidered duvet cover can be chosen to compliment your existing décor. You certainly don't have to have red if you don't want to as you'll be able to add the romantic look by using boudoir style 'love' cushions and sprinkling rose petals onto the duvet cover. Alternatively make a heart-shape out of red and pink rose petals or sweets on top of the pillow cases. Drop the lighting to help enhance the mood by turning off central lighting and using bedside table lamps or scented candles. If you want your Valentine's Day evening to last why not use all 4 of our suggestions – begin with romantic picnic and exchange of gifts, followed by a relaxing home spa, ending with a gorgeously romantic bedroom, all without having to leave your home. Thoughtfulness mixed with a little ingenuity and you'll have a Valentine's Day to remember.

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