Valentine's Day is all about the exchanging of gifts to a loved one, As we've seen during last weeks posts gifts aren't exchanged between lovers; spouses, close friends and even children are given gifts as a token of love from family members and friends. Small gifts that can be treasured for years to come will evoke the true sentiment of lasting friendships and love. Trendy photo-frames, and signs which say the 'words' for your are ideal gifts that can be used throughout the home without looking glib or superficial. Either of these Valentine's Day Gift ideas are perfect for those who are a little shy or find themselves tongue-tied when trying to say what they mean. Even if you're not bashful or shy these beautiful gifts make the ideal present for any ages. What could be more appropriate than to give a photo-frame complete with a photo of a loved one? Other Valentine's Day gift ideas can include home-wares, which will be appreciated and be on display throughout the years. Lap-trays are ideal for any age and are perfect for providing a flat surface for eating in-front of the television or for doing craft projects. With plenty of designs and colours to choose from a lap-tray is a great way of showing a loved one you care. Cushions with a Valentine's theme, typically hearts or heart-shaped, are also a great gift idea. In the past it is believed that soldiers used to make heart-shaped cushions and decorate them with shells and other suitable embellishments and send them home to their sweethearts. Today you don't have to make Valentine's cushions yourself as there are some gorgeous cushions with heart motifs that will woo the heart of any loved one.

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