What could be nicer than spending treating your Valentine to a relaxing spa evening? Furthermore your don't have to leave your home and spend a small fortune at a spa centre. We're suggesting treating your partner to a spa treatment on a more personal level in the comfort of your own home. Sharing a bath or shower is a great way to relax and unwind – set the mood by using soft lighting created by scented candles. Fill the bath and sprinkle rose petals on the surface or include lots of sweet smelling bubbles. Lay back with a glass of champagne or your favourite wine and leave your stress and worries behind. You could even have soft music playing just be mindful of using electrical items in a bathroom. If you have children it may be wise to ask family to look after them otherwise your blissful Valentine spa could end up ruined! If this isn't possible simply allowing one of you some indulgent 'me' time without any interruptions is a fabulous way of showing your love and affection for them. If you don't have a bath you could still de-stress in a shower, letting warm water wash away the tiredness and worries of hectic lifestyles, if only for a little while. Make sure you have a pile of fluffy soft luxury towels, preferably warmed on a radiator, to wrap yourself and your partner after your bath or shower to pat yourself or each other dry. You may like to complete the spa treatment by giving each other a massage using essential oils, a pedicure (although feet aren't everyone's idea of a relaxing sensual evening!) or even a basic manicure. Think of things which you would find at a spa centre – and adapt them to suit the space you have – the spa evening doesn't have to be taken too seriously; great fun can be had applying face packs to each other or mud body scrubs! It's your Valentine's spa treat so make it work for you and your partner the best way you can. The possibilities are virtually endless and as they say the rest of the evening is up to you!