Roses are red, violets are blue, a romantic supper for two is the ideal stay at home way to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. Setting the scene: Lay your table with fine table linen; a tablecloth for the base and then add a romantic touch using a satin style table runner. Use pretty dinner plates or use plain and sprinkle gold and silver coloured hearty-shaped confetti onto the tablecloth. Place a single red rose(or the flower your partner likes best) on the table either in a small vase or directly onto the tablecloth or runner. Soft lighting: Scented candles should also be included so that you can turn off the harsh overhead lighting to crate a romantic atmosphere. However, you may also need to use table lamps otherwise the romantic scene may turn into a dark and dingy place as you struggle to see what you eating! Be Creative: It's not just your table that can be dressed up, you should also dress up for dinner at home. A suit and tie or a romantic evening dress will show that you've taken the trouble to show how much you care. You could hire a musician to play romantic songs and melodies while you eat - just as long as both of you like the style of music and it doesn't annoy! Chose your menu wisely: There are lots of food which is associated with love and romance, many are said to be aphrodisiacs as well! But, there's little point in serving up oysters if your partner doesn't like them! The meal doesn't have to be fancy either just as long as it is includes your favourite foods. Try and steer away from takeaways as cooking the meal yourself, or together, is another way to show your love and affection and usually cheaper as well. Exchanging gifts: You don't have to spend a fortune, don't forget that a romantic supper at home is your main present, however, ending the meal with chocolates in a heart-shaped box is a romantic gesture.

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