Packed full of Spring and Summer sunshine On-Trend Hot Pink & Cream colour combinations work well throughout the year, not just Christmas. However, if your guest room is lacking a little charm and sparkle why not use these gorgeous colours to breathe new life into the room in time for your Christmas guests. Soft creams ooze chic style when teamed with hot pinks with a floral motif. This gentle style is perfect for country cottage or Shabby Chic styled homes, to achieve a more modern touch stripes which have a gradual colour difference are ideal. Co-ordinating bedding sets offer an easy and effective way to bring a sense of harmony to a guest room; don't forget blackout roller blinds can be paired with curtains to give your window dressing both style and function. Bring different textures into the room by using a range of cushions and super soft throws which can be used to drape over chairs or laid on the end of the bed for extra warmth should you guests feel the need. Bedding doesn't have to be matching to get a great look, just remember to keep within the same colour ranges so that the colour doesn't become too overwhelming. If your guest room is quite small try and opt for the softer hues and plenty of cream, which is more inviting than white, to make the space look larger. Also remember to get clutter out of the room, if you don't have any where else for it to go use boxes , cardboard, wicker or plastic and give them a co-ordinating look by covering with floral or plain paper or fabric remnants. A bedside table lamp is a necessity not a luxury, so make sure that the one you choose provides a soft, yet sufficient amount of light and blends with the theme of your room. If you want to add a personal touch seasonal fresh flowers can bring the room together – just make sure that your guests don't object to sharing their room with flowers – there are two trains of thought regarding this; on one side there are those who say that live plants and flowers can help the quality of air, while on the other hand there are many who disagree and believe that plants and flowers are harmful – it's a matter of personal preference.