Strictly come decorating: 5 quick steps to dressing your windows in styles

Back on our screens the Strictly Come Dancing teams will wow us with their dance moves and glittering costumes. Be inspired to give your home a touch of Strictly with these 5 window dressings loosely based on the dresses worn in each of the different dance styles.


Two dancers from Strictly Come Dancing, doing a Waltz Cream and beige classy living room Cream and white living room, with cream pencil pleat curtains
An elegant dance performed in triple time. Couples whirl round and round the dance floor in smooth, graceful style. Long, flowing dresses, made from lightweight fabrics, typically in muted tones; while men wear dinner suits with a white shirt and bow tie. Full length curtains with pencil pleat headings, that skim the surface of the floor in lightweight fabrics that have fluidity and movement such as voile, organza, satin or silk.


Two dancers from Strictly Come Dancing, doing a Rock & Roll Jive Black and white living room with photo of Marilyn Monroe on the wall Pink spotted curtains in a cream and pink bedroom
Originating in the USA in the 1930's the jive is one of five Latin dances. It is fast paced and fun with variations in moves that let the dancers shed their inhibitions and throw each other over their shoulders to the rhythm of the music. Short, full circle skirts made from cotton allowed plenty of swing in the fabric, enabling the dances to move unrestricted. Window sill length pencil pleat curtains give plenty of short length volume. Opt for polka dots in bright colours to give your windows a rock and roll vibe.


Two Strictly Come Dancing dancers doing an Argentina Tango Dark grey, white and red bedroom design with red artwork of dancers above the bed Red voiles hung at a window
This evocative dance is full of passion and expression. There are variations in the style, the Argentina tango calls for chest-to-chest contact between the dance partners, while the American and International version also allows hip-to-hip contact too. Due to its passion, dresses are body hugging and sexy. This hot and steamy dance style is inspirational for bedrooms. Flame red curtains in semi-transparent fabrics, that sit close to the window are ideal. Lightweight voile has a sexy look that can be used in combination with blinds to give privacy from prying eyes and help block out unwanted light.

Cha Cha Cha

Two Strictly Come Dancing dancers wearing pink, including Peter Andre Cream and light blue living room with glass coffee table Grey, white and red geometric curtains at a window
The name Cha Cha Cha derives from the movement of the dancer's feet. Its Cuban origins were first seen in the 1950's, the dance has an energetic, steady beat, which also includes some sensual moves. WWII had ended and although money was still tight for most people the world of interior design embraced the freedom for the era. Dresses cling to the waist and hips, giving way to more fabric at the thighs to allow for freedom of movement. Today, vintage and retro are bang on-trend, both styles are fabulous ways to step back in time in terms of furniture, furnishings, patterns and colours. Eyelet curtains with a retro or geometric style pattern can be used in living rooms where you want to create an energetic decorating motif.


Two dancers doing a Charleston White and gold classy bedroom Dull gold pencil pleat curtains at a window
This roaring 1920s dance involves kicking up the heels and is an important part of the Lindy Hop dance culture. It can be danced solo or with a partner and allows for plenty of innovative improvisation. Dresses worn are typical of the era, comprising of layered fringe/tassels that finish on or just above the knee. Gold curtains are ideal for creating an Art Deco theme with the fringes being created by use of tassel tie-backs. These sleek, elegant window dressing is ideal for living, dining and bedrooms. Add metallic elements to the room for a touch of sophistication. Above all you need to find your own rhythm and style when it comes to decorating, just the same as with dancing. If you can find a style that works for you then you're sure to be top of the leader board whether you're going for a fiery tango decor or something a little more elegant, like a smooth and subtle Waltz. Strictly is back this Saturday at 6:30pm, so get your dancing shoes on standby! Sources:
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