Our busy lives dictate our pace of life – as such more and more people are turning to deliberate form of R&R in an attempt to balance their equilibrium and keep their sanity. Yoga, Pilates and meditation have been proven to help reduce stress and the associated health complications stress can cause. No time to pop off to an organised class? Or prefer to do things on your own? No problem! Take a look at these five important considerations and make your own meditation room in your home.   1# Light Creating-a-Meditation-Room

Real Estate

Natural light is best, so chose a room with large windows, preferably south facing as this will be warmer than north facing windows. Keep window dressing light, for example by using voiles. For night-time meditation use soft lighting such as candles.   2# Colour meditation-room

Fresh Home

Bright and garish colours can play havoc with your ability to feel calm and at peace. White is a great colour for any size of meditation room. If your room is 'shared' opt for calming colours such as pale greens.   3# Comfort how-to-create-your-own-medn-room_01_0

Art Of Living

You can't mediate properly if you're not comfortable, however, you also need to concentrate in getting into the zone rather than dropping off to sleep! A soft floor mat or rug, a cushion or two and blanket are the basic essentials for any home meditation room.   4# Air Quality bonnie-cushion


Fresh air is ideal. It will help you to focus and aid breathing. Even in the smallest of places you should try and mediate by an open window or in a well ventilated room.   5# Tranquillity  



Inner peace is what you're after; a room with no distractions is a must – no television, turn off your mobile and unplug the phone.