Most of us would love to have a designer bedroom. We'll show how you can achieve the look without the designer price tag attached with these 5 fabulous ideas.


Paint and wallpaper is an expense that you don't need if you go for a modern style. Exposed brickwork is beautiful in its own right, so just clean it up to remove excess dust and debris. Likewise beds can be a huge outlay, making your own from used wood pallets is bang on-trend within the world of recycling and up-cycling and relatively easy to do with minimum skills required. There's plenty of places to source used pallets, you may be able to get them for free if you scout around! Plain bedding is cheap and gives an instant designer look. Add wooden wall storage boxes to tie-in with the bed, along with add a trendy tripod lamp to harmonise the look. Plain flooring is another on-trend look, but for warmth and added style a statement rug is used complete the look. The key factor in getting this stylish look is to keep the room clutter free!

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Similar to the style above, this look is fresh and modern. It's achieved on a budget using plain walls, cheap Roman blinds, a basic bed with a hand-made statement headboard made from unfinished composite wood board. You can add you own personal touches, such as a garland of pompoms, LED light strip, photographs, whatever you want to make your bedroom your own personal space. Metal storage shelves are an inexpensive alternative to a chest or drawers, while blue bedding adds a touch of colour, you can use any colour you want, but keep the colour purely for the bedding to get the look.

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Mix up styles with an industrial style loft with hints of Hollywood glamour. Once again exposed brickwork gives you a stylish look which compliments luscious full length gold curtains and a floor lamp with a cinematic design.

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Nothing screams style more than white and while many will say the colour is sterile and uninviting there's no getting away from the fact that interior designers use it successfully in a variety of interior design motifs. Perhaps more importantly when you're on a restricted or tight decorating budget white is a fabulous colour to go for. White paint, plain white bedding and plain white window dressings are all usually less expensive than patterns and colours. So, make white your new best friend and embrace its stylish simplicity to create a designer style bedroom that won't break the bank.

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If an entirely white bedroom isn't to your taste add a couple of accent colours to liven the room up a touch. Moreover, use it as a base for on-trend metallics to create a chic bedroom that won't cost the earth. Whether you go for a Hollywood style, modern industrial, contemporary or just prefer to add a touch of sparkle to your bedroom, metallics and reflective surfaces are the way to get a wonderful designer style on a budget.

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