Don't fancy growing a moustache during November? No worries, you can always give your home a moustache make-over to show that you've been swept up with one of the latest interior design trends.  

Markova 3011

Add black moustaches to your ceiling lights, giving them a quirky, yet quaint, look.  

Mac Momdaly

Don't let your loo feel left out in the cold! Use moustache and monocle stickers it give it a suave and sophisticated appeal.


A large moustache wall sticker look down on you with approval while you eat at the table.  

Create With Rebacca

Moustaches are everywhere it seems – even old window frame hinges resemble a moustache.  


Give your electrical socket a moustache this Movember.  

Unlace The Victorians

Go up-market and use a silver Victorian moustache cup so that your moustache doesn't get wet – they were all the range in Victorian times when having a moustache was a show of wealth and refinement.  


Moustaches on bathroom towels....whatever next!  

Buttercream Bakery

Throughout November make sure that your cupcakes are wearing a moustache – don't forget that Movember is all about raising awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer – so make some moustached cupcakes and sell them to raise money for a good cause.  


Start your day with moustache shaped fried eggs!  

The Berry

Every home and workplace should have at least one moustached mug.  

Design Rulz

Deliberate or by default this candle holder certainly looks like a moustache.  

 Design Rulz

Embrace Movember with a moustache wall sticker for your living room.  

Now Cultured

Movember isn't just for guys, gals can get involved too – although they won't want to let on that they have the ability to grow a moustache!!  

Plumetis Magazine

Moustache shaped cushions are great fun and comfortable too.  

Cool Gifting

Show just how cool your fridge is by giving him, or her, a large moustache.  


Open your bottles with a moustached cork screw!  


At home or at work a moustached letter rack adds fun to any office.  

Gadgets and Gear

Wipe your feet on a moustache before entering!  

Outlet PC

How chic is this moustached mouse?  

Lux Chroma

Light up your living space with this awesome moustache wall lamp.  

Vintage and Kind

Take the whole moustache concept to bed with a moustached duvet cover.  


Shabby Chic moustache coat rack will look fabulous in a hallway.  


Lighten-up a plain bulb with a Mr & Mrs make-over – red lips for her and black moustache for him!  

Just The Bees Knees

Treat your bed to a big black moustache throughout November.  


Swap your cabinet and draw knobs for moustache ones.  


Get your sewing machine out and make these cute little place mats, complete with appliqué moustaches.  

How to Nest For Less

Drinking through a moustached straw is a brilliant idea – push the moustache onto your top lip and you'll have your own moustache while you sip!