21 reasons you'll find jigsaws awesome

If you thought jigsaw puzzles were only for the elderly, children or those convalescing think again; the humble jigsaw puzzle has hidden secrets – you'll find them used for all sorts of home furnishings and accessories. These are serious jigsaw that deserve respect, they're more than completing a puzzle and glueing it to a board to make a picture. You'll be so inspired by some of the awesome creations you'll see jigsaws in a new light.

Geometric puzzle wall design in mustard, dark and light grey

Helvetic Blog

1. Contemporary jigsaw puzzle wall design.

Heavily photoshopped image of a puzzle mirror hung above a black leather sofa

Dezign With A Z

2. A puzzle mirror adds a trendy touch to a contemporary living room.

Vinyl wall stickers of jigsaw puzzle pieces

Archi Expo

3. Wall stickers allow for a fun element on a wall design.

Wall clock with face made from coloured jigsaw pieces


4. Jigsaw puzzles clocks are ideal for children's bedrooms as well as family rooms.

Flooring made from red, bronze and grey coloured jigsaw pieces


5. These awesome jigsaw puzzles floor tiles are ceramic.

Wood jigsaw puzzle flooring

Trend DIR

6. While these are wood!

Wooden jigsaw puzzle themed coffee table


7. Jigsaw puzzles pieces slot together to make a stylish coffee table.

Chopping board made from six large jigsaw pieces


8. A wooden cheese board allows you to take a piece of the puzzle to segregate different types of cheeses.

Jigsaw piece carpet tiles in blue, orange, green, red and yellow

Media Designer

9. Brightly coloured puzzle pieces make a rug that's perfect for a child's bedroom or playroom.

Coffee table with glass shelves and wooden ends that are shaped like jigsaw pieces on the top

Office Home Furnitures

10. Contemporary jigsaw puzzle office desk smacks of real style.

11. Girls will love a jigsaw puzzle inspired padded headboard.

Coffee table made from very small jigsaw pieces

Realco Homes

12. Above and beyond the typical puzzle table, this one is awesome and a great way to recycle old jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzle chairs in the garden

This Is Why I M Broke

13. Outdoor jigsaw seats slot together to form a bench.

Cube shelves that stack and lock together, shaped like jigsaw pieces

Through The Times

14. The jigsaw styled pieces slot together to make a stylish room screen.

Lamp shade made from jigsaw pieces, on top of a table lamp on a table


15. An old jigsaw puzzle can be crafted into a shade for a table lamp.

Jigsaw puzzle themed multicoloured picture frame


16. Oversized jigsaw pieces make a trendy picture frame.

A fruit bowl made from lots of jigsaw pieces glued together


17. This jigsaw puzzle bowl is simply awesome.

Transparent coloured wine bottle holders shaped like jigsaw pieces


18. Inspired by the familiar shape of jigsaw pieces this wine rack can be made as big as you like!

Childrens loft bedroom with green, white and pink cushions on the floor shaped like jigsaw pieces

Handmade Charlotte

19. A padded jigsaw puzzle floor mat is ideal for children's rooms – a comfy place to lay and read a book.

Jigsaw cutout mouse mat in white and purple


20. Show you love of jigsaws with a trendy mouse mat.

A canteen dining area with a wall covered in white jigsaw pieces


21. Plain white jigsaw puzzle pieces are used to make this awesome visually stimulating wall.

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