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21 halloween ideas that will leave you spellbound

Are you in the mood for Halloween or just fed-up to the back teeth with the hype? Each year it seems that Halloween décor gets a little more extreme – some is fabulous, while others you may think have gone a little too far. Love them or loathe them our selection of Halloween ideas will leave you spellbound.

Exterior Halloween decorations are becoming as abundant as Christmas decorations with people putting masses of effort into making their house stand out from the crowd.

Spooky effects can be created by draping cloth (usually old bed sheets) over outdoor lighting.

There's something hauntingly beautiful about this outdoor wire statue.

There are lots of fabulous pumpkin carvings around this year – have a go yourself if you have artistic flair.

Image: decor4all

Wool pumpkin decorations

If you love handicrafts and don't fancy carving a pumpkin you could always cover them in wool or fabric for a modern look.

Image: dishfunctionaldesigns

A pumpkin painted white covered in autumnal leaves

Be inspired by nature and glue Autumnal leaves onto gourds and pumpkins.

Image: lostindecoration

Gothic black dining table with cobweb decorations

Halloween isn't just for kids – set an adult theme for dinner using a black table cloth and crockery.

Image: architectureartdesigns

Black tree branch on a wooden fireplace, with model ravens on the branches

Ravens and crows are big this year; create a spooky, yet tasteful, mantle decoration using twigs and feather birds (toys ones of course!).

These fabulous pumpkin carvings are real works of art.

Table decorations and spooky themes for food will make a Halloween party go with a bang!

Image: inthefunlane

White hall with white unit, decorated with black voiles and and black bats near the ceiling

With a little thought Halloween décor can be chic and stylish.

Image: shelleybdecorandmore

Corner of a room with white wooden panels on the walls and a white table containing lots of skulls and black Halloween ornaments

Dedicate a corner to showcase your theme – that way your entire house isn't given a Halloween makeover!

Image: babyology

Small white fabric ghosts hanging from the ceiling, with dangling black bats too

Kids will love these delightful dangling ghosts and bats.

The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock's all time frightening film, is given a modern twist for this stunning indoor Halloween décor.

Image: trendytree

Fairy lights hanging from the ceiling of a black room, with big hairy black spider on the table

Branch lighting, boa feather tree and overly large spiders are the perfect Halloween decorations.

Image: trendytree

Black witches cauldron on a black mantel piece with orange witches hat and orange and black striped witches legs sticking out

Kids will love this trendy cauldron with witch's legs sticking out.

Home-made spooks will scare the living daylights out of trick or treaters – especially if you hang them round a dark corner! An Autumnal door wreath is given a quick Halloween makeover by adding little tissue spooks. Let teens set to work creating your Halloween décor – just don't let it get too gruesome.

Image: persialou

Black and white pumpkins and a black candelabra

Not fond of the colour orange? - go for this year's trend of black and white instead.

Image: eatsleepmake

White staircase with wooden banister, with ruffled beige and black decorations and skeleton illustrations on the wall

A feminine touch for stairs with subtle macabre undertones.

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