2016 summer interior design trends – perky pastels

Think along the lines of delicious macaroons and you'll get an idea of this year's colour trends. Some may arguably say that these bright hues aren't truly pastels and in some ways I agree, however, if you're looking for colours to bring a fresh new look to your rooms you won't go far wrong adopting one of this year's interior design trends Perky Pastels. These cheerful tones will brighten up your living space and bring a smile to your face.

Pink, yellow and green funky armchair


This designer chairs will bring a refreshing pop of colour to your living space. White, green, pink and purple modern bathroom

Dig This Design

Maybe not true pastels, but these vibrant colours will give you a visual explosion that packs with trendy style.

Peach home office with matching desk and duck egg blue wooden chair


Give a rug a modern up date by adding a geometric pattern in cool pastel colours. Bookshelf with salmon pink interior colour and grey exterior colour

Home Esthetics

This pretty pastel is one of this year's hot colour trends, team it with grey for a fresh, modern up-date. White and cream living room, with hints of sage green and pink

Better Decorating Bible

Give a classic colour combo a new look by adding a touch of depth and colour saturation to raspberry and apple tones. Fresh modern kitchen in light green, blue and white

Model Home Décor Ideas

Brighten a white kitchen with perky blue and green pastels. Light salmon wallpaper with cute kids pattern, white dressing table and blue chair

Info Teraria Tistory

Pastels are often known as girlie colours, embrace this year's trend by mixing yellow, blue and pinks to create a room that screams femininity. White sofa. with brightly coloured cushions, in front of white shelves with a different coloured object on each shelf

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Arguably these vibrant tones may not be true pastels, however, you have to agree that they'll inject style into a modern home. Lots of different coloured cushions on a white sofa, and wall art of a forest scene


Adding cushions in perky pastel colours is an easy and effective way to bring new trends into your home with the need for a complete redecoration project. Peach coloured wall with matching desk and duck egg blue wooden chair


Use pastels to create a home study area that's charmingly peaceful without being dowdy and boring.

Bright pink walls with black dining table and unusual metal chairs with yellow seat pads


Be bold and use a perky pastel or two with intense black.

Yellow wallpaper in a dolls house with a fish scale type pattern, and small accessories


Kid's rooms and nurseries look gorgeous in perky pastel tones.

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