Softness evokes a feeling of gentleness, calm and relaxation. Just what we all need as we step into our homes after a hectic days work. This year design gurus are forecasting that softness is a necessity that we should all afford ourselves. There's plenty of different ways you can bring a touch of softness to your home.   Upholstered TVs SMOOL-Homedia-TV-2-600x600

Design Milk

Soft visuals pantone2016interiors-decor-rosequartz-serenity-5

Italian Bark

Candy colours that are gentle on the eye create a feeling of softness and comfort.   Upholstered Storage Pretty-Tufted-Bench-method-Dc-Metro-Contemporary-Bedroom-Image-Ideas-with-bedroom-bench-beige-headboard-beige-ottoman-beige-walls-black-headboard-frame-brown-rug-candelabra


Harsh edges are softened with upholstery, padded is ideal to get this year's look.   Padded Headboards definition-of-ottoman-empire-contemporary-in-bedroom-with-rug-300x300

Patio Furniture Point

Like storage statement headboards are given a softer look with padding.   Hand Woven Wall Hangings wall-hangings-1

Flat 15

Walls are given texture and colour with hand woven wall hangings, either traditional or contemporary in style.   Brushed Metals Dining-Room-Design-Ideas-50-inspiration-dining-tables-BRABBU-dining-room-tables-2

Home Inspiration Ideas

Metals, particularly brushed, gold or brass, are one of this year's biggest trends.