Embrace the biggest trend this year by using real logs in your home in a variety of different ways. From cute little accessories to some impressive furniture, there's so many ways to use them. If things don't turn out as you'd hope you always have the option of putting the log/s on the wood burner to keep warm! sold-wood-log-bench


This awesome bench log makes an ideal table and a fabulous balance beam. rustic-log-furniture-1

Desh Home

Gale force winds bring down entire trees, so use the base of the trunk as a pedestal for your bathroom hand basin to create a stunning natural look. 998b1fe26af3e361c07a04c197f49b84


Sawn logs of varying heights have the centre whittled out to create natural candle holders that can be used inside or outside your home. DIY-Rustic-Decor-Ideas-using-Logs-1

Total Survival

A mixture of rough hewn and planed log slices make wonderful shelves. bird-feeder

Woo Home

Make a cute little bird feeder/nesting box using a rustic log. 38-diy-log-ideas-for-rustic-style-31


Log slices have been used to create a beautiful garden path, perfect if you want to stay 'green'. fcf063a934_Legna

Blog Arredamento

Stack up logs to make a storage unit for your living room or bedroom. maxresdefault


Use a chain saw to cut up logs into equal lengths to make a rustic recliner with a cool contemporary design. CAB-rusticdecor9

Cabin Obsession

Group thin logs together and bind them with twine to make the base of a coffee table. solid-simple-log-chair


Choose a large log with a natural curve and some skilful chain saw work to transfer form a log into an awesome chair. 38-diy-log-ideas-for-rustic-style-35


One of the most natural products has been bought the outside into this home with a rustic iphone docking station complete with speakers. AI-Art-DIY-Rustic-Log-Decorating-Ideas-11

Interior Design

Cubism embraces rustic logs to create this stunning coffee table. 390bd71dfd7e2bc861c5925b1eb39ed6


Do some whittling and create a rustic wine rack using an old log. Rustic-Hallway-Country-Homes-and-Interiors-Housetohome

House To Home

Use thin slices of logs to cover a wall, alternatively you can cheat and use log-effect wallpaper. modern-rustic-homes-designs

Room Decorating Ideas

Minimalism meets rustic head-on with furniture made from rough hewn and planed logs.

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