2016 interior design trends- bringing the outside in- living walls

Carried over from last year the trend 'Bringing The Outside In' continues to gather momentum. Today we take a look at living walls. Once the 'domain' of public spaces and work places, living walls are bang-on trend in the home. From full walls to creative living art works and room dividers having a growing, living plant in your home is far more than having pot plants! A room dividing fence, with a damask style pattern made of greenery


This amazing sculptured room divider is made from moss. Black concave cube style tiles, with every other tile containing green moss

Home Designing

Living wall tiles in the kitchen give a new look to back-splashes. A decorative wall in a white living space, full of greenery

Millennial Magazine

Living walls can be made with a wide variety of foliage plants to give natural colour to a living room. A green moss wall inside a white bathroom, set behind a white bathtub

Fresh Home

The humid atmosphere in bathrooms is ideal for living walls. A green moss wall in a stylish living room, next to a white fireplace


Various coloured moss is used to create a feature wall that resembles pebbles. Natural wooden cube boxes mounted to the wall, with greenery growing out of their sides

Crooked Brains

If you don't fancy an entire wall covered in living plants, large containers filled with green foliage plants can look stunning too. A birds eye view of a white square planter, containing green and purple flowers and plants

Living Wall Art

Create living wall art using cacti in a variety of colours and leaf shapes...do cacti have leaves?! A copper rectangular planter, container different coloured cacti

Garden Therapy

If you want a splash of colour wall planters filled with flowering cacti will give all-year-round variation. Artisan moss that can be mounted to an interior wall


Use living plants to create living wall art that takes you on a visual journey. A white planter containing a tall column of green plants and moss


Typically seen outdoors, this free-standing living room divider makes a great alternative to a book style shelf unit. An urban style dining room with exposed brick on one wall and floor to ceiling pallets containing greenery on the opposing wall

Trend DIR

Bring the outside into your dining room using wooden planters to fill an entire wall. This trendy 'farmer's market' look is currently fashionable within the world of interior design. Lots of greenery and green plant life growing from a wall mounted frame

By Nature Design

Give your wall a shaggy dog look by using large leaf plants that droop and spill downwards. Lots of greenery and plants on a wooden panel wall, set behind white sofas


This stunning feature wall is created using ferns. A moss wall in a black room, behind a black corner sofa

Good Earth Plants

Blanket a feature wall with lime green moss. Set against black it gives an impressive visual impact.

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