Embrace on of this year's biggest interior design trends, Bringing the Outside In, with some imaginative ideas of living furnishings. This isn't just a matter of putting plants in pots, get creative, think outside the box and be inspired to grasp the concept head-on. concrete-furniture-pockets-plants-opiary-queen-anne-thumb

Decor Advisor

This concrete table has little pockets on the top of each leg designed specifically for living plants. Furniture-made-from-flowers_Harvest-by-Asif-Khan-3


Made from flowers this living table top looks impressive. sparkling-pendants-3

Tree Hugger

Give your home the green treatment with pendant shades of living moss. hayashi_photo1

Mono Goen

This bench seat can be used inside during the winter and transported to the patio in summer. It would look good in a conservatory too. living room[1]

A La Mode Stuff

Use dense, lush greenery to making the head and arm rests for your chairs and sofa. unique-furniture-design-ideas-glass-top-coffee-tables-2

Lush Home

Use lime green moss under a coffee table to bring the outside in trend into your living room in a quiet and reserved way. Grass-Table-for-Cats-1


This dining room table has a central partition for growing grass for you cat to munch on, however, there's no reason not to plant other forms of grasses or plants in it either...just as long as the plants you chose are cat friendly. grass1

Hip Lip

Give your coffee table a lawn top. Water it carefully and watch it grow before your eyes! living-furniture-growing-chair-michel-bussien

Web Ecoist

Use an iconic Ghost style transparent chair to grow foliage plants such ivy. grass-ottoman-furniture

Deep Not Interior

I think this pouffe is actually made from artificial grass, but you could get creative and experiment with the real thing. MOW-Grass-Bench2


Grown grass as a comfortable place to sit without having to go outside to the lawn. grass_lamp_ztghz

Green Diary

This grass lamp brings the outside in with style, just be careful when watering or you may end up with a shock. Green-Grass-Furniture

Central Interior Design

Give your dining room a relaxed picnic feel with this grass topped table.